How to Choose the Right Doula

Kristin Gunner


a woman assisting another woman laboring in a tub
a woman assisting another woman laboring in a tub

Having a baby is such a unique journey. It’s full of excitement, joy, and maybe even some anxiety. There are so many choices to make, but one that has a great impact on your journey is choosing a doula.

As many parents already know, there are so many amazing doulas to choose from. It might feel a little overwhelming at first, but there are some things to look for to find the right doula for you.


Being a doula doesn’t require certification, so you’ll want to decide if that’s important to you. A doula’s website will typically list their certifications and experience, along with any extra training they’ve had. You can even take this a step further and research the organization they are certified with.


Look for reviews and testimonials on the doula’s website, Google, or social media. Or maybe someone you know worked with them and can tell you about them. You can learn a lot about a doula from their past clients.


Do they prefer home birth over hospital birth? Do they believe interventions are okay? Will they be comfortable if they disagree with your choices? Doulas have different beliefs and approaches when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. It doesn’t hurt to find out some of their opinions to decide if you’ll get along, or at least how they’ll react if they don’t agree with your decisions.

Do you get along?

Beyond everything else, what matters the most is whether you and your partner get along with your doula. They might seem like the perfect doula on paper, but ‌you just don’t click. And that’s okay! Don’t be afraid to meet several doulas. They’re going to be with you during your most vulnerable moments. You need to make sure you’re comfortable being honest with them and having them in your personal space.


logo of a sun with the words new day doula support
logo of a sun with the words new day doula support