Dads and Doulas

Kristin Gunner


dad holding baby while reading book
dad holding baby while reading book

As you could probably tell, this one's for the dads.

When most people think of doulas, they think about someone who offers support to a pregnant woman during labor. A doula might rub her back, help with breathing exercises, or suggest a position change.

But dads, I know you need support too. You may not be pushing out a baby, but you deal with a lot. You might feel nervous or scared. Maybe you want to help, but you don’t know how.

A good doula does their best to make sure dads feel informed, encouraged, and involved in whatever way they like. So how can I help?

Doulas support dads throughout pregnancy and labor.

Dads need information too, not just moms. Maybe there’s something he doesn’t understand, or he wants to know how to best help through the pregnancy. Maybe he's worried he's not doing enough or that something bad could happen. Dads are encouraged to attend prenatal meetings with the doula and to voice any concerns or questions they have.

If you want to be as involved as possible, I can help make that happen. I can suggest things to do, show you certain comfort techniques, and explain what is happening.

I can also jump in when you need a break. It's important for you to eat and stay hydrated. Some dads pass out during labor, so we want to prevent that. But don't worry, I'll keep an eye on you just in case you look like you need to sit for a minute.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to be as involved, I'll be there as an extra set of hands.

Doulas support dads throughout the postpartum period.

Most dads actually want to help with the baby, even if they don't know how. This can be especially difficult when the mom breastfeeds. As a postpartum doula, I'm excited to help you get more involved in your baby's care. You can still support mom as she feeds, and care for your baby in other ways.

Sometimes, dads think it might be difficult to bond with their baby at first since mom is the one who gave birth and feeds the baby. I promise that there is no shortage of ways to bond with your little one and be the best dad you can be. That's my goal for you, and I'm always excited to help make it happen.

I'm also ready for your questions and concerns as well. Mom and baby might be my main focus, but you matter too.

Bottom line: Doulas support dads.

As a doula, I'm not here to take your place. You most likely know mom better than most people. You know what she likes, what makes her calm, and her preferences. A good doula will keep that in mind, remind you of that, and listen to you.

dad and doula supporting pregnant woman in bathroom
dad and doula supporting pregnant woman in bathroom

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